NDT Laboratory

NDT Laboratory facility occupies 1,500 m² and contains an office building, fully equipped training rooms, a 20 bay welder training facility, machine shop, material testing laboratories, isotope store, radiography developing room, consumables store.

"THE MARINE GROUP" is certified for the following services:

Non-destructive (NDT) testing:

Radiographic test

Magnetic partical inspection

Dye Penetrant test

Ultrasonic test

Visual test

Destructive Testing:

Tensile Testing

Bend Testing

Impact Testing

Micro Testing

Hardness Testing

Welders Training and Certification.

Development of Customized Weld Procedures.

Mechanical Testing for Welder and Weld Procedure Qualifications.

"THE MARINE GROUP" holds ABS and Moody International accreditation for destructive, non-destructive testing and welder training.

"THE MARINE GROUP" also carries out destructive testing and owns and operates, tensile testing machines, bend machine, Charpy impact testing machines and hardness testers.

This capability has been used extensively by many companies for weld procedure qualification testing and for establishing properties of steel, including tensile strength, where certification is not available.

"THE MARINE GROUP" owns a comprehensive range of NDT equipment including but not limited to gamma radiography source projectors, dosimeters, radiometers (mini-rad), digital densitometers, ultrasonic sets, thickness measuring machines, electromagnets, illuminators, film dryers, automatic film processors, portable darkrooms, countdown timers, heat treatment transformers and associated equipment.

All "THE MARINE GROUP" personnel employed in inspection activities are qualified to ASNT, EN Level I and level II. To carry out training THE MARINE GROUP has level III technicians.